Welcome to the Squash Canada Officials Database.

Every Official may use this personalized database to review their individual progress through the officiating system.

There are resources available in the database for training, viewing details of the Squash Canada Officiating program and downloading of standard forms used by Squash Canada Officials. There is also an area for Squash Canada Assessors to enter individual assessments.

If you have any questions regarding use of this database or general questions on the program, please contact me directly or through support@squashcanadaofficial.com

Dave Howard
Chair, Squash Canada Officiating Committee
Email: dave.squash@bell.net


Release Notes (December 1, 2018)

  • Added notes to Registration Page
  • Added Assessor Training Course Exam for Download to perspective Assessors

In Progress

  • Adding P/T Reporting tools
  • Adding ability to add Spreadsheet and Word Documents to Resource Page
  • Adding News Page for Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Add a 'Latest Updates' tab to Resources Page
  • Adding Date Field to Items on Resources Page
  • Adding Experience Tracking


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